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Searching for a more professional way to attach your business card to various marketing materials?

Look no further! The CardPunch is the perfect solution! Forego previously poor methods of attaching business and gift cards such as stapling or paper clipping.  Instead, opt for the attachment technique many professionals are turning towards - die cut slits.

Whether you are a professional seeking a way to distribute your business card to clients, or a friend looking to set yourself apart from peers by attaching a memorable gift card to your birthday card... the CardPunch is ideal for you!

It is as easy as deciding where you want your business card to be inserted, aligning the CardPunch in the desired area and pressing down.  Then easily insert your business card into the perfectly sized slits.  See the video above for a demonstration of the CardPunch in action.  


"As an office manager, I see advertising materials everyday.  Pieces need to stand out to catch my eye.  The CardPunch allows users to add another dimension to their advertising and marketing efforts."

  William S.

  Office Manager 

  B&D Properties 

"I don't use my CardPunch everyday, but when I do use it, I couldn't be happier I made the purchase.  I would pay even more for this tool, but fortunately I don't have to.  Thanks, CardPunch."

  Katie H. 

  Account Executive 

  Milwaukee, WI

"I had considered using this type of marketing tool/attachment method before, but I was concerned about the reliability of the card remaining in place.  I decided to try CardPunch and have been very happy with the results of this tool.  My card stays in place well and has added to the effectiveness of my marketing materials."


  ​Michael H.

  Marketing Manager 

  Chicago, IL